Academic Research

from 2011

Senior Researcher at UCLA Center for Research in Engineering, Media, and Performance (REMAP) at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
Working on the National Science Foundation Future Internet Architecture project on “Named Data Networking,” a $7.9M program including 10 campuses lead by UCLA Computer Science and Xerox PARC.
a.m. is also developing international research activities and partnership with industries at REMAP.

Staff Researcher for Semiotic Pivots and Activity Spaces for Elementary Science (SPASES)
a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project at UCLA REMAP for the UCLA Lab Elementary School. Prototype development of a physically interactive classroom space for elementary physics concepts learning in 6-8 year olds, based on multi-camera computer vision and augmented reality.

Senior designer and developer for Juncture
a media novel installation with  the UCLA REMAP Center in collaboration with the Walt Disney Imagineering, California State Park  and the Los Angeles Metro Rail for the Los Angeles Historic Park.

Organized with Prof. Chiara Ferrari the two-day event Pier Paolo Pasolini and the City at the School of Theater, Film and Television, UCLA. Event sponsored by the Institute of Italian Culture in Los Angeles, Italian Dept. at UCLA, Italian Dept. at USC, Critical Studies program at UCLA and REMAP Center. In collaboration with Melnitz Movie, Film, Television Archive (UCLA) and the Cineteca of Bologna the movie Appunti per un’orestiade africana (1975) premiered in the U.S.

Author and Project Director of Quartieri della Memoria (Neighborhoods of Memory)
at UCLA REMAP. International collaboration with the Provincia di Rieti and the Fondazione Varrone, which provided 3 scholarships for 6 months of residency at the REMAP Center. It is a new media art piece for the town of Rieti (Italy), focused on oral memories and historical public spaces. The proposal was awarded in 2005 with one of the most conspicuous sponsorship for a public new media art project in Italy.

with filmmaker and actor Matt Schulze, AM developed Advanced Scenography, a series of workshops and rehearsals at the UCLA School of Film and TV on performance with digital set for film productions through digital video projections.

Development team leader, developer of Advanced Technology for Media production for the UCLA REMAP Center.  The project aims to provide to the cinematographer novel feedback data, which can be used during the production or the post-production phases. High-level engineering is provided to the film industry’s production workflow, connecting the lab to the field’s action world.
SenSys 2004

Interaction designer for the School of Architecture, University of Firenze, Italy. AM worked on a series of interactive solutions and permanent art installations for a renovation plan of the historic city of Firenze.

Research Assistant Intern at Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, at the University of Southern California (USC)
Sponsor: Institute of Creative Technology
Computer vision thesis: Perceptual Interfaces: Head Pose Estimation from a single camera with Profs. Gérard Medioni and Isaac Cohen.


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