Alessandro Marianantoni and Gianluca Rizzo
Bridges, river banks, railroads, freeways as a literal surface of the city that fragments up to a non sense | open sense like the orchestration of fragmented voices.

This is an interpretation of Adriano Spatola’s Poesia Totale. It’s an interpretation of the relationship between author and audience. It’s a sound zeroglyphic.

movie listen (and watch) Zeroglyphicsssssss
composed by the system during the conference

We asked twenty people to read a collection of poems by Adriano Spatola and recorded each reading. On the day of the show the interactive installation selected and recombined the audio fragments following the movements of the people who attended the event.
The installation is presented as a sequence of 10 segments, 4minutes for each poem, made of a sound composition and a movie projection of Los Angeles places.

The movie in this page is an example and shows briefly the video projected with the audio produced at the OTIS College of Art and Design during the conference. The rhythm of the fragments is given from the people’s movements around the installation. There is a sensible change when the visitors go in or out of the room, or when they just pass by, and if they stand the sound composition is slower.

The movements of the people is sensed by a webcam with fluXsensi, an open source application software written at MEDIARS and improved over several installation works.
Two laptops were synched over a network, one was capturing the movements, producing the sound composition and projecting the movie clips. The other was projecting the texts of the poems.

special thanks to luigi ballerini paul vangelisti ronan mcrory luca martellucci REMAP and to all those who lent their voices to Adriano’s poems.

Zeroglifici sonori. Omaggio ad Adriano Spatola, Gianluca Rizzo
Conference AAIS/AATI – Taormina May 24, 2008