In 2017 I’ve laid down the foundation for M Accelerator, a new project that I’ve been keeping in the drawer for a while. While I’m still working on cultural/artistic installations, M Accelerator is definitely taking most of my time in 2018 and more likely in 2019.
M ACCELERATOR (M stands for MEDIARS)  is an innovative program for whom wants to learn marketing and business tools for entrepreneurs, small business owner  but also creatives from many different fields that want to start a project, in team or in solo.

This isn’t something completely new, the program is a sort of evolution from the programs I’ve been running in the past decade. Multidisciplinary and multimodality are the main structural approach, then the program is enriched with top level business and marketing speakers, consultants, instructors and experts from Los Angeles.


Most of my woking time during 2017 was taken by the design, development and fabrication of a public artwork that promotes water conservation. It’s a lighting interactive piece in Pasadena CA on the facade of the Marriott Hotel.


After some time I had the opportunity to come back to programming and I enjoyed a lot. I developed the LED controller and simulation system with Touchdesigner TD. I’ll put together a webpage with more information on the process.

For other interactive pieces on water, I’m using TD with glsl shaders for water simulation and having fun with water photography in my studio.

Together with Martin Monti we’ve founded HandSight to give access to visual art and the culture it expresses, to visually impaired and blinds. After exhibited one of our tactile paintings at a prestigious international exhibit and we won a national award by the Ministry of Education in Italy. With my company and the University Tor Vergata in Rome designed a new exhibit on Caravaggio, Correggio e Raphael link.



I usually have few targeted bios depending if it’s more specific to art, engineering or marketing context, but a regular “bragging bio” is in the home page