West Coast Indipendent Design Show

Santa Monica  April, 2007
Interaction Design: Alessandro Marianantoni

Interaction Design
The Medusa opens and lights up according to the proximity of the people.

movie medusa at CABOOM 2007

The visitors were given coloured postcards. The color that lights up the Medusa is the resulting mix of each single contribution of the beholders’ postcards.

The Medusa also remembers colors and sequences of them, so that the transitions are always influenced by past beholders.
The number of the visitors surrounding the piece triggered the opening and closing speed of the Medusa’s head.

The Medusa had also a certain level of vanity showing a preset performance when no people were playing with it.

Presented by Materials & Applications
Andy Freeman, Marcos Lutyens
Built by Iguana Design
Motion Control: Pablo Gutierrez
Bruno Aveillan, Freya Bardell, Daniela Frogheri, Believe Media, Flix FX, with the support of REMAP Center, UCLA