Firenze Futura

SASCHALL, FIRENZE January 11 2009

Alessandro Marianantoni
Roberto Castellani e Lucia Barna (SS-67 Architetti)

FIRENZE FUTURA is an interactive video installation.

movie Firenze Futura movie-clip

The contents, about 700 between videos and pictures, were collected through a web page and ads on blogs, newspapers and also word of mouth, begun one month prior the event. The collected material was organized into themes: the city, the river, the parks and the movement (of people) with the intent to tell a story able to depict Florence through its urban elements: the one famous worldwide and traditionally loved by the tourists, but also through monuments and buildings recently built and, even, not yet built and able to suggest a “Florence of the future”.

Inside the Saschall there were 1000 cards divided into the 4 themes, the visitors select a card, drop it into the mailbox built for the event and equipped with sensors able to recognize the cards. Then these contents were projected on the screen of the theater.